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Roles and Responsibilities

This page describes the roles and responsibilities of the central committee.

General Committee Roles

  • Attend all REACH meetings or, when unable to attend, send apologies in advance

  • Keep the chairs and wider committee updated on progress and any anticipated or arising issues

  • Promote REACH in local departments - Inform the chairs if your circumstances change and you are no longer able to contribute to REACH

  • Keep on top of personal and subgroup action points


  • Maintain REACH website

  • Ensure accurate information (committee members, ongoing projects)

  • Disseminates information related to REACH on social media channels including twitter and instagram
    Maintains Instagram & Twitter accounts

  • Regularly updates social media channels with up to date information

  • Keeps up to date with work of similar groups and networks, re-posting where appropriate

  • Drafts news letters

  • Disseminates newsletter among stakeholder

Priority Setting Subgroup

  • Short Term: Explore priority setting exercises for future short and long term REACH projects

  • Long Term: Establish and maintain a multi-regional priority setting exercise to direct the work of the REACH network

  • Long Term: Aim to publish a priority setting protocol AND results of the exercise to fuel collaborative paediatric research nationally


  • Chair committee meeting - Steers development of REACH

  • Promotes REACH regionally and nationally, including formal events

  • Direct and co-ordinate committee work and ensure ongoing progress

  • Ensures appropriate workloads, targets and workforce

  • Acts as primary point of contact via the REACH email address

Regional Coordinators

  • Organises yourselves to ensure fair division of work (eg S / NW / NE leads)

  • Maintains database of local teams and contact details including:
    - Local Consultant Contacts
    - Local trainees involved with REACH projects

  • Tracks movement of said trainees as they rotate around London to ensure good coverage of the REACH Network

  • Forges and maintains links with local departments, both consultants and local trainee leads

  • Disseminates information regarding current or upcoming projects to relevant stakeholders

  • Be 1st point of contact for local departments to troubleshoot problems

  • Liaise with current project leads to ensure clear communication to all involved centres


  • Record minutes during committee meetings - Draft and distribute minutes for REACH meetings

  • Maintain Team Contact Details spreadsheet

  • Ensure action points are clearly highlighted to individuals or subgroups.

  • Organise meetings (dates & times), logistics (virtual platform, venue, etc) and take attendance & apologies.

  • May act as point of contact via the REACH email address

  • Liaises closely with chairs to ensure cohesive running of REACH

Patient & Public Involvement Subgroup

  • Explore opportunities into PPI for the REACH network

  • Champions and supports ways to incorporate PPI into current and future REACH projects

  • Flexible / creative role

  • Establish links with patient and public groups for long term collaboration with REACH

Meet The Team

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