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Who Are We?

We are a diverse group of paediatric trainees from across London. We have set up this network because we want to support and empower all trainees to ask and answer relevant clinical questions and advance the evidence base for our practice by engaging in collaborative research.

We firmly believe that multi-centre research, audit and service evaluation will safeguard the highest standard of care we can offer our patients and that trainees, working at the forefront of patient care, are ideally placed to drive this.

Committee: Welcome


Dr Philippa Prentice - Paediatric ST7

Dr Stephanie Habermann - Paediatric ST4

Dr Parisut Kimkool - Paediatric ST4

Dr Hanna Tilly - Paediatric ST4

Dr George Lawson - Paediatric ST3

Dr Robert Legg - Paediatric ACF ST3

Dr Zhia Lim - Paediatric ACF ST2

Dr Rhys Dore - Paediatric ACF ST2

Dr Rose Hartzenberg - Paediatric ST2

Dr Nadja Bednarczuk - Paediatric ACF ST1



Dr Eva Loucaides - Paediatric ACF ST4
Dr Rebecca Unsworth - Paediatric ST7

Dr Abigail Whitehouse - Paediatric ACL ST7

Dr Dominic Carr - Paediatric ST5



Dr Ian Maconochie (Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine)
Dr Sasha Howard (Senior Clinical Lecturer and Consultant in Paediatric Endocrinology)
Dr Rossa Brugha (Paediatric Respiratory Consultant)

Committee: Collections

Our Mission Statement

Our pan London trainee-led network will support the conception and coordination of multi-centre research, audit and service evaluation projects to answer relevant clinical paediatric questions.


It will engage all paediatric trainees and offer opportunities to develop leadership, teamworking and research skills.

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