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We have an incredible number of Paediatric trainees in London with a broad range of diverse clinical and research interests.

Find out more about our current and upcoming project(s) and get in touch if you would like to be involved. Contact us if you have an idea for a new project - no idea is too small or big and we would love to hear from you!

A multi-centre prospective cross-sectional study to quantify rostered SPA time provided to paediatric trainees in London by analysing work schedules and comparing them with RCPCH Charter recommendations.

Lead: Dominic Carr, Rachel Thompson, Basma Haroun, Georgina Yan

Working at the Office
Baby's Clutch
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A multi-centre prospective observational study to investigate detection and assessment of jaundice in neonates of different skin tones.

Leads: Mailis Michaud, Kamla Pillay & Joanna Mena

A multi-centre prospective cross-sectional study to evaluate the current level of experience in research and quality improvement work amongst London paediatric trainees.

This will provide baseline information and highlight unmet training needs to guide future steps. 

Lead: Rhys Dore, Neelakshi Ghosh, Michelle D'Souza, Eva Loucaides


A pan-London retrospective study of the management and outcomes of infants under 3 months presenting with fever. We aim to outline variations in management and outcomes, and to examine the performance of local and national guidelines in identifying infants with serious bacterial infections.

Leads: Stephanie Habermann & Rose Hartzenberg


Smaller, 'easy-win' projects that use the REACH network to understand clinical practice and deliver meaningful quality improvement.

Team Paddle

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