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Publications and

We are constantly looking for ways to share our findings from our various projects.

In this page, we will collate all our outputs.


FIRE Guidelines Poster - RCPCH Conference 2023.jpg

FIRE: Comparing guideline

recommendations for management of

young febrile infants across London

A1_REACH PEAR LSP Poster 2023-1.png

PEAR: Paediatric trainee Experience of multi-site Audit and Research, a cross-sectional REACH Network Study

RCPCH Conference 2023

Paediatric trainee Experience of multi-site Audit and Research (PEAR): a cross-sectional London REACH Network study

REACH RCPCH Poster 2022-1.png

RCPCH Conference 2022

REACH: Setting up a new trainee-led research network


Dore, R., D’Souza, M., Ghosh, N., Carr, D., Loucaides, E., & the REACH collaborative. (2023). Paediatric Trainee Experience of Multi-site Audit and Research (PEAR), a cross sectional London REACH Network study. London Paediatrics, 4. Retrieved from

Habermann, S., Hartzenberg, R., Carr, D. & Loucaides, E. (2022). An insight into developing a trainee led multi-site research project . London Paediatrics, 2(1). Retrieved from

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