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Local Project Lead

Every project will need trainees and seniors at each site to liaise closely with the overall project leads and co-ordinate local implementation, data collection and feedback of the results.

This is a great way to get some experience in project management, leadership, and key skills in research and audit. It will help you meet some training requirements, or even be a practice run before you set up your own project!

If you're interested in being a local project lead, get in touch.

Trainee Trust Lead

For each site in London, we are looking for trainees to act as local REACH contacts, to help motivate other trainees to get involved, support local project teams, and help spread awareness about REACH.


Ideally you'd be at the site for more than one rotation, to provide some continuity, but enthusiasm is the only real qualification needed!

If you're interested in being a local REACH contact, get in touch.

Upcoming Webinar Dates

11/03/2024 19:00

03/06/2024 19:00

09/09/2024 19:00

09/12/2024 19:00

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