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Joining the Central Committee

As part of the REACH Central Committee, you can help your colleagues to make significant contributions to child health across London whilst developing your leadership and teamworking skills.

Trainee roles in the central committee work include:

  • Secretary: Acting as a point of contact for the REACH committee, organising and minuting meetings, and maintaining the core documents.

  • IT & Communications: This includes preparing news and updates, liaising between teams, and maintaining our social media channels, as well as the lovely website you are currently reading.

  • Regional Co-ordinators: This includes acting as a liaison to different trusts and departments, disseminating information about projects, and identifying local leads and teams

  • Patient & Public Involvement: Reaching out to public and patient interest groups, and exploring ways in which to incorporate PPI into every project.

We are also looking for interested Seniors with experience and insight they can bring to REACH

If you're interested in being part of the team, get in touch!

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