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Our Projects: PEAR

A multi-centre, prospective, cross-sectional study evaluating the level of experience in research and quality improvement work amongst London paediatric trainees.

This study is now complete and has provided baseline information about research and audit opportunities for non-consultant paediatric doctors, highlighting unmet training needs. Results have been used to inform our active PEAR DROPS study. 


Project leads: Eva Loucaides, Rhys Dore, Neelakshi Ghosh, Michelle D'Souza


Publication in the London School of Paediatrics Journal:

Dore, R., D’Souza, M., Ghosh, N., Carr, D., Loucaides, E., & the REACH collaborative. (2023). Paediatric Trainee Experience of Multi-site Audit and Research (PEAR), a cross sectional London REACH Network study. London Paediatrics, 4. Retrieved from

RCPCH Conference 2023

Paediatric trainee Experience of multi-site Audit and Research (PEAR): a cross-sectional London REACH Network study

A1_REACH PEAR LSP Poster 2023-1.png

LSP Conference 2023

PEAR: Paediatric trainee Experience of multi-site Audit and Research, a cross-sectional REACH Network Study



PEAR Project Documents

Study protocol

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